Streets to Kitchen Campaign

Streets to Kitchen Campaign

A Better Food campaign in support of Square Food Foundation and St. Mungo’s, Bristol

We believe that achieving our vision of a better, fairer food community means looking beyond the food on our plate and out into the world around us, starting right here in Bristol.

The campaign

We’re launching an ambitious campaign to raise £10,000, which will help people in Bristol affected by homelessness to learn new skills and build confidence, whilst empowering them to find their own route to recovery.

The money that our staff and customers raise will be donated to Square Food Foundation – a charity based in Knowle West teaching people from all walks of life to cook good food from scratch. Square Food will use the funds to launch a brand new training programme in partnership with St. Mungo’s Recovery College in Bristol, training clients of the college, reinvigorating the college’s disused kitchen facilities and inspiring peer to peer learning.

Our hope is that this programme’s impact will reach beyond just the first year’s trainees, too. Each year, trainees will finish the course by preparing a fundraising feast, raising money to kick-start the following year’s training course. Throughout the year, Square Food will work closely with the trainees, giving them the confidence to share their skills with others and ensuring that the college’s wider community benefits from the programme.

Over the coming months, our staff will be involved in a ruthless battle – ahem – we mean, a spot of healthy competition to see which store can raise the most money for Better Food’s Streets to Kitchen fund. Keep checking back to see what each Better Food store is doing to reach our fundraising goal, which store is in the lead and how you can help ensure your local store stays in the top spot!