Wake up to Organic breakfast sampling

  • 14th June 2017
  • 8am-11am
  • All stores

Rise and shine you lovely Bristol folk

This Wednesday start your day with a tasty organic breakfast at Better Food. We’ll be joining hundreds of eateries up and down the country in Wake up to Organic, a campaign to celebrate the diversity and simplicity of organic food.

Boiled egg and crushed avocado (left) Carrot lox and crushed avocado (right) on Hobbs House Wild White sourdough

What we’ll be doing

We’re focussing on local as well as organic this year. So that means local carrots from The Community Farm, Hobbs House bread using locally sourced ingredients, local eggs, Bodymatter granola using British oats and made in Bristol, and Yeo valley yoghurt. All organic, and all delicious.

All our stores will be offering samples of Bodymatter granola with Yeo Valley yoghurt, egg and avocado on toast, and carrot lox. A perfect morsel for you to try on your way to work. If you stay for breakfast we’ll give you a cup of tea or coffee on the house.

Why organic and local?

Bodymatter granola and Yeo natural yogurt with Lewis’s fruity topping

When you buy local you keep money in the local economy. You shorten supply chains and you invest in independents trying to make the world a better place. Many of our products are sourced locally so we can better connect people with farmers, producers and artists. We want the people to be valued as much as the ingredients.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It breaks the fast, keeping you fuelled till lunch. A few little changes to your breakfast and in no time you could be munching on organic toast or porridge. These organic staples are simple, affordable and better for your health, animal welfare and the environment.

If you want to hear more about the importance of local and organic food, then bring along your friends and family this Wednesday.

Read about Bodymatter Founder Dympna Fitzpatrick here.

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*Cover photo credit Jess Connett

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