Information about a vegetarian diet

Dietary Symbols_VegetarianAccording to food historians, the word vegetarian has been used since 1837, when Francis A. Kemble wrote in their Journal of a residence of a Georgian plantation: “If I had had to be my own cook, I should inevitably become a vegetarian.”

Someone following this diet will eat all fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, eggs and pulses, as well as meat-free substitutes if they wish. Vegetarians are not adverse to wearing wool or products derived from an animal. They do, however, choose not to eat anything that has led to the intentional killing of an animal.

Among the health benefits, a well-balanced meat-free diet can reduce the incidence of many non-communicable diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cerebrovascular disease. In terms of planetary gains, a vegetarian diet uses 160 percent less land resources than beef eaters.

What vegetarian foods can you expect to find in store?

We have so much for you to choose from. All our stores have staples that include jams, honey, nut butters, bread, cheese and dairy, to tofu, tempeh and dried goods. Brands include Jess’s ladies, Amys, PorridgeMarshfield farm, Ancient Grains, Divine and Montezuma’s.

Alcohol is often filtered through gelatine, isinglass (collagen from fish swim bladders), carmine (derived from the bodies of dried cochineal beetles), egg whites, seashells, honey, milk, casein (a protein derived from milk), and even blood. Because everyone should be able to enjoy a glass of wine or pint of beer, nearly all of our alcohol is suitable for vegetarians.

All of our cafés cater for meat-free diets. Among the offerings for brunch are coffees, porridge, French toast, and baked polenta with kale and sundried tomatoes. Our famous salad bar has always been completely vegetarian, and most of our savoury snacks are suitable. All of our cake is vegetarian, with many vegan, gluten-free or sugar-free also .