Nurturing Innovation

Nurturing innovation

Over our 25 year history we’ve worked closely with our suppliers to help them find routes to market, develop their brand and improve their practices. This is because we all have to work together to build a more sustainable food and farming system.

To celebrate all of the amazing talent we have in and around Bristol, we shine the light on some of the innovators you can find in store today. Innovators challenge the status quo by introducing something new – they navigate uncharted territory because they know in their gut that what they are doing is better than what our current system offers; it is because of them that Bristol’s food scene is so vibrant. We know that setting up an innovative business can be a challenge, so these stories should provide some solace to all you newbies and hopefully encourage many more to go against the grain.

Phil Haughton, a self-confessed innovator and pioneer of the organic movement, founded Better Food in 1992*. He started his organic veg box scheme in Bristol knowing that people wanted better from their food – now he is responsible for three organic stores and cafes in Bristol. Phil inspired a generation of entrepreneurs wishing to offer something better to society. Many of these same people now supply us – and we couldn’t be more chuffed!

What to expect

On the blog: Every journey starts with a single step, so we bring you interviews with innovators at different stages of their journey. Many emerged in Bristol; and all put social and environmental objectives before profit. And because Better Food is more than just food – its a place to buy items you need to live more sustainably – expect to see stories from craftspeople and herbalists in the mix!

In store: Many of our innovators pop in for tastings. Keep an eye out on our events calendar so you don’t miss out on the chance to try something new or meet the people behind your favourite products.

Social media: Head to Twitter for reminders on in-store tastings. While, over on our Instagram site, we’ll be sharing videos and photos from our innovators test kitchens, fields and workshops. We’re spoiling you, we know!

*Head to our artists wall page to see our journey through 25 years