A Life Less Plastic

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It can keep things fresher for longer, it’s tough, durable and adaptable… it fills up waste sites and oceans at an eye-watering rate. Plastic is a problem, and we want to do something about it. We’ve been monitoring and adjusting our plastic usage for some time and now we can crank things up a notch to lead a life less plastic.

To find out what we’re doing, and how you can do your bit too, read our three articles (in the right-hand column): the first outlines the complex problem, the second looks at how we’re tackling these issues at Better Food, and the third shares some ideas about what we can all do.

Plastic reduction campaigns and organisations worth checking out

City to Sea Spear-headed by local eco-warrior and poet Natalie Fee, is a Bristol-based campaign group.

Bristol Waste Company Our local council-owned custodian of rubbish.

WRAP (Waste Reduction Action Programme) – a registered charity set up by the government, working to transition businesses and organisations toward a circular economy. They have lots of interesting, fact-filled reports on their website… if reports are your kind of thing 😉

Let us know if you would like us to add others.

Top tips for a life less plastic

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