Artist Wall

Every month we have a new local artist share their work with us in the cafe at our St Werburghs store.  This month we have Alexa Ledecky, exhibiting until 2nd February.


Hi there! I’m Alexa, a French/English/Czech traveller in her twenties, currently based in Bristol. As a child, I was brought up in France in a multi-cultural environment which made me grow very fond of discovering new cultures and places. I started hopping on planes, buses and trains in my teens to see the world. Throughout the years, I have been to Brazil, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Scottish Highlands, Florida, Texas, Egypt and most recently, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.


In September 2016, I landed in Bogota to begin my first solo backpacking trip. Since my return, I’ve been feeling more and more nostalgic a

bout the people I met and the places I had the chance to explore in South America. I was deeply changed by this trip which truly made me realise how beautiful and diverse our planet is. I decided to bring this feeling into this shop and share memories of my past trips crystallised in some photographs I took.


All the photos listed in my shop have been taken, edited and framed by my little hands in Bristol, my new home (until I get itchy feet again). I hope they will bring you warmth and inspire you ?






If you’d like to exhibit in our cafe, please get in touch: