Small scale, local food producers often struggle to make viable livelihoods, even though the food they produce is of vital importance to the health and resilience of their communities. There is a perfect storm of obstacles such as competing in markets dominated by cheap supermarket food, finding secure tenancies, and overheads for seeds and packaging that erode their small profit margins.
Bristol Food Producers is a diverse network of local independent growers, farmers, food processors, distributors and restauranteurs working together to supply the city we love. From helping growers access land to identifying routes to market, providing training opportunities to encouraging collaboration, we are working to help create a sustainable and resilient food future for Bristol.

Better Community

Better Food is a proud supporter of Bristol Food Producers. We are members because we believe in creating a sustainable and resilient food future for Bristol: supporting local producers, providing new routes to market, improving access to land and breaking down the barriers faced by new entrants to local food production.