The Food Project at Redcliffe has been running since 2006 and encourages very young children to explore fresh seasonal produce, rather than making cakes. We have a child-sized kitchen and run food sessions all year round with all of our children which are led by the children’s own ideas and exploration rather than recipes. We call this Experimental Cookery and now teach other practitioners to adopt this approach with early years children on our accredited course.
We also grow vegetables at Windmill Hill City Farm and cook all of the children’s meals from scratch every day. Our Head, Elizabeth Carruthers, won the BBC Food and Farming Award’s Local Food Hero in 2014 and our Chef, Jo Ingleby, won BBC Cook of the Year in 2015. We have recently won Best Nursery Food in the Nursery World Awards. Jo also works with the Community Farm teaching Plot to Plate classes and writes the recipes for their vegetable boxes.

Better Community

Better Food is delighted to donate fresh organic fruit and vegetables from our Wapping Wharf store to Redcliffe Children’s Centre at the start of every week. As well as getting to explore new flavours, the children experiment with preparing and cooking different fruit and vegetables each week in their specially designed kitchen.