Christmas Order Forms

Christmas Order Forms

Entertain your hearts out with our exquisite quality Christmas specials.  Go traditional with poultry, make a statement with salmon, go vegan with plant-based bakes and delight your guests with a fantastic range of trimmings.

Rest assured that everything you find here will be organic or free range, sourced from the finest suppliers that you’ve come to know and love in store.

We’ve done things a bit differently this year by offering you two routes to order …

For our ‘Everything order form‘, which includes poultry, salmon, ham, trimmings, vegan bakes, vegan cheeses and dairy cheeses, please go here.

For our ‘Alternative order form’, which just includes the meat-free items (vegan bakes, vegan and dairy cheeses), please go here.

PLEASE NOTE: Order form doesn’t work properly on i-phone’s version of Safari.

We’ve got lots of festive recipes here.

We have lots of gifts in store, from health and bodycare, to speciality spirits, to household items, chocolates and other foodie treats.