Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

Your skin is a gateway to health and beauty

girls-1487825_1920Women use an average of 12 personal care products a day and men about 6 – that’s a lot of potions and lotions.

Unfortunately, many conventional cosmetics and bodycare products contain unnatural, synthetic chemicals which can have a negative impact on human health. Many also contain non-biodegradable compounds as well, which damage wildlife and the environment.

It makes sense to choose more ethical products for your skin, as well as for your stomach!


Choose safe cosmeticsbeauty-330730

Using natural and organic products is a way of guaranteeing that you are using products of the highest quality, that are better for you and the environment, with natural colours and fragrances, cruelty free and just the way nature intended.


Our products

Better Food Health and BeautyTo help you navigate the minefield of products claiming to be “green” and “natural”, we only sell healthy cosmetics and bodycare products from trusted brands; lovely items that are free from chemicals and irritants such as parabens and aluminium.

We’re really proud of the large range of natural, organic and local health and beauty brands we offer in our stores.


What we look for in a good brandchamomile-401490_1920

When choosing brands to stock we look for…

  • Products not tested on animals
  • Certified natural and/or organic
  • Free of nasty chemicals.. including preservatives
  • Brands with reduced negative environmental impact..
  • Fair trade and ethically sourced materials and processes
  • As local as possible…


Nutrients and Supplements

Nutrition is the foundation of good health, so by choosing to eat a natural, balanced and organic diet we are already on the right path to great health. If you choose to enhance your diet with supplements and superfoods, always choose a good quality, bioavailable product.

We do our research and only stocked brands we know well and trust their quality… organic where possible and with a minimum of artificial fillers and preservatives. We use the same criteria as mentioned above when looking for good brands.


Advice in store

If you’d like some advice on skincare and bodycare or are wondering what supplements might be beneficial, pop into one of our stores and speak to our dedicated, friendly advisors. They love talking bodycare and  supplements and are passionate about healthier beauty care:


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Health and Bodycare Manager – St Werburghs

Sarah is often to be found gushing about the amazing natural products in store. She has a passion for simple, natural and organic ingredients and for utilising the power of plants. She even whips up her own beauty products and balms on occasion. “Natural products are better for you and the environment, and they really work,” says Sarah. “It’s a hard job trying out, selecting and selling all these beautiful things… but someone has to do it!”


 Handy references

organic september soil associationIf you’d like a reference list of what to avoid in cosmetics read what the Soil Association recommend here or download this handy leaflet created by Breast Cancer UK to keep in your handbag



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