Spoonful of Goodwill

Spoonful of Goodwill
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This is no ordinary wooden spoon

It looks like a wooden spoon and it’s destined to stir thousands of lovingly made dishes, just like a wooden spoon. But this spoon will open doors, build confidence and boost well being for people affected by homelessness in Bristol.

A little bit of kindness with every stir

The donation made with the purchase of this spoon will go to Better Food’s Streets to Kitchen Campaign, raising funds to enable local charity Square Food Foundation to train clients of St. Mungo’s Recovery College in cookery and food service skills, and reinvigorate the College’s kitchen facilities.

It’s an important part of the campaign. It costs £15, and £14 goes straight to the fundraising pot, meaning that both you and the recipient of this gift feel the fuzzy warmth of knowing you’ve contributed to the local community and the greater good – a feeling no normal present can match!

Available in all stores throughout the Christmas period, and all year round on our Fundsurfer page (£17, inc. postage).

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Find out more about the project and how you can get involved here.

Square Food Foundation registered charity no. 1173323