Hippeas Tasting Days

Hippeas Tasting Days
  • 12pm-2pm, Sat 25th Jan
  • Wapping Wharf

Bath Culture House Tasting Days

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Recipe of the month

Nutty Granola

Nutty Granola

Most of the ingredients can be purchased from our refill section, and this basic recipe can be tweaked to your liking.  Dial down the honey/syrup...

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Food and Mood

Food and Mood by Emma Dawson Why is food important for my mood? To make the happy hormones serotonin (for...

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Community Space

Sustainability – a tale of two definitions

By Lucy Gatward, Better Food’s Marketing Manager and keen observer of Bristol’s food environment (it's quite long - you might...

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Refill Resolutions

We love that the refill revolution is growing in popularity and so many of you are joining us on this journey, thank you!  As our...

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