Become a supplier

Become a supplier

We want a fairer, better food community for all; so in our mission of providing accessible organic, local and ethical goods, we regularly review our sourcing policy.  Have a read of our sourcing policy below to see if you think you can join us on this mission.

1) Getting Your Product Stocked

We believe that organic is the only sustainable choice for the health of soil, plants, animals and people.  If your product is non-organic and we have an organic equivalent in our stores, it is very unlikely that we’ll add your product to our product lines; the only exception to this is if your product falls within our local sourcing category.  We take steps to remove the risk of GMOs in the food chain and the majority of our customers share in our beliefs.   We recommend that if your product is not organic, please have as much detail as possible about your production, handling and ingredient sourcing (including steps you’ve taken to ensure GMO is not present).

 2) Miles Travelled

Products normally fall into the following categories:

> Bristol – We’re proud to support dozens of local suppliers from within Bristol and will continue to build on this with focus and support for local producers.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or more established in the market, we’d like to work together with you in building a happy, healthy food community in Bristol.  If your products are not certified organic, we can offer support to help you become certified as part of our Path to Organic initiative being developed this year.

> Regional Local – We consider this as stock produced within 50 miles of Bristol.  If this is you, please tell us about your product’s notable properties (including organic status) or health benefits, high quality standards, sourcing and flavour.

> Everywhere else – As some products are unavailable in the UK, we will source organic products from further afield, taking into account the impact upon fair trade, wellbeing and the environment.  To make sure we have the best range of health and specialist foods in store, we’ll choose the closest high-standard non-organic alternative if we can’t find an organic version of the product we want.  Please note that we do actively pursue organic and local replacements for items in this category.

3) Reviewing

We listen to feedback from our customers and staff, so our range of products is reviewed regularly. With increasing potential GMO use in UK and EU production systems, certified organic products are a reliable way for both us and customers to know that products do not contain GMOs. This means we’re having to take a tougher stance on continuing with non-organic products.

If you feel that your product follows our guidelines above, you can apply to be a supplier by downloading, completing and returning our Supplier Submission Form.  All details are on the submission form.

Before you send us samples, please check that your products meet our requirements or that you’ve been asked by the purchasing team to send something in. Due to the high number of emails we receive, we ask you to please bear with us until we’ve reviewed your application – we will be in touch as soon as we can.

To support your application, you can find more information about our sustainability policy.  Please check if any categories apply to you before submitting your application.

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