Our values... Local

Local means different things for different products, and changes to some extent throughout the year, depending on seasonality and availability.

Products normally fall into the following categories:

Around Bristol – We’re proud to support dozens of local suppliers within touching distance of our stores, and continue to build relationships with local producers, farmers, growers and makers. Good examples of this include The Community Farm, Step and Stone, Happy Holistics and Nutcessity.

Regional – We consider this as stock produced within 50 miles of Bristol. Good examples of regional sourcing include Kitchen Garden, Adeys Farm, Jess’s Ladies.

Everywhere else – As some products aren’t available locally, regionally or even in the UK, we have to source them from further afield. As always, we prioritise organic, but we also look for products that have been fairly traded, where available. We strive to weigh up the impacts of using global resources to grow and transport food, with the benefits of providing more ethical alternatives to products that often cause the most harm in the food system. If it’s available, we’ll always try to source more local alternatives to imported products. For example, we offer UK rapeseed oil as an alternative to imported olive oil, and we stock soya milk made from organic European crops instead of those from the Americas.

Read more about our commitment to local at the links below:


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