Our values... Ethical

Supporting organic and local is just part of what we do here at Better Food. Being ethical also means looking at the bigger picture, considering the values of the companies making our products and the lives of the people growing and making the things that we sell. That’s why alongside organic and local products, you’ll also find products with Fair Trade certification, and countless brands whose values chime with our own.

Being an ethical retailer means a lot more than just selling ethical products, though. It means looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and helping our customers to do the same by striving to reduce packaging and plastics in our business, and taking measures to prevent food waste. It means looking after our staff and our customers, treating them with respect and kindness. It means wherever possible using services and partnering with organisations who share our values.

It also means looking out to the wider community, offering support wherever we can, and committing our time and effort to making a real impact through initiatives such as our Streets to Kitchen project.

Read more about our commitment to ethical at the links below:


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