Why Shop Local and Seasonal?

Why Shop Local and Seasonal?

Shop local and seasonal

Where we can, we try to source our fruit and veg as locally as possible, making the most of what’s in season in the UK. British summer is brimming with juicy, locally grown produce, so we’re taking a look at the benefits of buying local and seasonal.

Less travel time

The less time between farm and fork means that fruit and veg can be harvested closer to its peak ripeness. Therefore, it often tastes better and has a higher nutritional value than produce that is picked when it is less ripe in other countries (to avoid it going off during its travels to the UK).

Fewer carbon emissions

We know that it isn’t groundbreaking information that buying fruit and veg supplied by local farms, rather than imported, can contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. By choosing products that are in season in the UK, you’re much more likely to be able to buy from local suppliers, rather than relying on the warm climates of other countries.

We also know that it can be unrealistic to buy all your produce in season and locally. Sometimes you just crave your favourites! For that, we still sell overseas produce, however it will never be air freighted. But it’s good to be mindful of where your food is coming from, and make swaps to local and seasonal where you can.

Supporting the local economy

Buying from local farms means that you are directly investing in local growers. Money is likely to be reinvested into the local area, keeping the local economy supported. Most of our local produce comes from The Community Farm in Chew Magna, and Strode Valley Organics, just 10 miles south of Bristol. So, when you shop with us you’re supporting our lovely local farms.

Have fun with it!

Shopping with the seasons can be really interesting. You may be inspired to buy something that you haven’t used before, and it gives you the chance to use your creativity in the kitchen, rather than sticking to what you know.

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