Innovator Story: More Wine, anyone?

Innovator Story: More Wine, anyone?

Rich Hamblin spent nearly 20 years working in top end London restaurants where he saw, first hand, the volume of unnecessary wastage created from the selling of wine. Realising there are other ways to import, store, sell and consume wine, and as a glutton for a glass of fermented grape juice, it seemed natural to him to set up a business where good wine remained a focus – and was available on tap!

So what’s so special about More Wine?

Compared to conventional bottled wine, More Wine saves the unnecessary import of 1000s of glass bottles every month. More Wine has a lower carbon footprint, as our wine comes in boxes, pouches or cans – not glass – and is transported by train. Because you can bring back your own swing-top bottle to refill with wine, it also prevents vast amounts of empty bottles entering into the waste stream.

There are a lot of companies selling wine, however very few concentrate solely on bag-in-box, pouch and canned wine. I’m proud to be breaking the mould.

Nifty! Has it been easy to crack the Bristol market?

Bristol is a great place for forward thinking, bold food and drink businesses. The vast array of flourishing,

Tinned wine

creative independents does set a benchmark for newcomers to aspire to and be judged against. It has driven me to take on the challenge of encouraging consumers to choose more sustainable versions of the products that they love.

I’ve enjoyed finding companies, such as Better Food, which are equally obsessed with searching out new, better, more environmentally friendly ways of doing business together.

What’s next for More Wine?

In France nearly 1/3 of all wine sales are made in Bag in Box or equivalent, in the UK it is about 1.5%! More Wine’s vision is to engage more with UK traders and consumers about how wine from a box, can or pouch can be just as high quality as bottled wine, while preventing vast volumes of unnecessary waste.

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