2020 New Year Resolutions

New year is a time for resolutions. And the climate crisis is a challenge for all of us in 2020. We asked our founder, Phil Haughton, for his ideas on how to make a difference this year …

2020 has one massive challenge for all of us.  It’s time for change like we have never known it.  At some point our politicians will begin to take action, which can be slow and always a compromise, but we the citizens can take bold action now to bring about change and set the bar. The great thing about these actions is they are all fun, creative and help build community.

  • Eat organic as much as possible. Organic is a major part of the solution to issues of climate change and the style of farming is proven to increase biodiversity.


  • Use independent shops as much as possible. The supermarket system has failed us. Animal welfare, reductions in food quality, exploitation of people, biodiversity loss, soil degradation, and over packaging are all direct consequences of super marketing and the pressure this has put on food production over the past 50 years.  Independent shops give smaller, independent growers access to market, and it’s where you are able to access their produce and support your local food community.


  • Eat less meat and only the good stuff. It’s ideal to reduce eating chicken or pork, as they are very dependent on grain crops for food which increases CO2 through ploughing. Eat good red meat from animals grazing 100% on grass and herbage. Our UK climate is ideal for this and we sequester so much carbon by keeping good grassland unploughed.


  • Plant trees. The easiest way to plant trees is online with people like Earth Day, they will plant trees for you and it’s great to be a part of this project.


  • Help grow food. Tending the soil and raising plants is a profound act and helps us connect with nature and the value of food.


  • When eating out ask if they use organic food. It’s useful to let eateries know that it’s important to us!


Of course I could go on, but above all celebrate the good things you do and don’t give yourself a hard time about the rest.