Bee Better

Bee Better – Our refill rewards card

A very different kind of loyalty scheme – rewarding our loyal customers, for being loyal to the planet.


How does it work?

Simple, earn a stamp every time you refill. Fill the card and we’ll treat you to a free coffee, for treating our planet kindly.

  • For each reusable you bring to refill with in store, collect a stamp
  • Fill the card with 9 stamps and we’ll treat you to a free coffee (or other hot drink)

For example, come in and refill oats, bring your own egg box, refill washing up liquid and buy a takeaway coffee in your reusable cup and you’ll earn 4 stamps.

  • The free coffee is to drink in or BYO takeaway cup – no disposables please

What qualifies for a stamp?

Refill from the qualifying range below to earn a stamp:

Packaging free refill wall, packaging free frozen items, unpackaged teas and spices, eggs, household refills, health & bodycare refills, takeaway deli meals, BYO cup takeaway drinks.

Great, how do I sign up?

1.Download the Magic Stamp app to your phone here

2.Search for Better Food and add our stamp card

3.Show your card when you pay for any refills in store

4.Collect a stamp for each refill and you’re on your way to a free organic coffee


If you have any questions – just ask any of our friendly team