Breastfeeding Welcome from Bristol City Council


The Bristol Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme was set up by Bristol City Council in 2008 and since then over 320 organisations have signed up. The scheme aims to support the rights and needs of breastfeeding mothers and their babies when they are out and about. Many venues have an open and supportive attitude to breastfeeding but mothers may never know this; the scheme aims to make this clear. Venues which are signed up to the scheme agree to:

• Ensure all staff know about the scheme
• Display a Bristol Breastfeeding Welcome scheme window sticker or poster
• Find a mother a quiet corner if she requests it
• Uphold a woman’s right to breastfeed by ensuring that if someone complains, the complainant is moved, not the mother

Better Community

Better Food is a proud supporter of the Bristol Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme; we welcome breastfeeding mothers in all our cafés.