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Bristol Energy is a national gas and electricity supplier with a Bristol Energy logodifference. Unlike most, it strives for social equality, local renewables and stronger communities. These aims caught our eye as they align so perfectly with ours at Better Food. We’ve developed a partnership with them that we hope will give them a bigger presence in the city. Together we can collectively champion a fairer food and energy system. Shaking up the status quo never felt more empowering!

Better partnerships

Our Owner-Founder Phil Haughton says: “We at Better Food are delighted to be partnered with Bristol Energy. To find a company that harbours similar values to our own is a real positive for us. The energy sector often carries a poor reputation on social and ecological issues. So Bristol Energy’s focus on their environmental impact and the value of a thriving local community is a credit to them.  As a customer, simply being able to walk into their office and talk face-to-face about your energy plans demonstrates their commitment to doing it differently”.

His enthusiasm is shared by Peter Haigh, Managing Director of Bristol Energy. “It’s the little things that can add up to make a big difference. Like choosing locally grown food, supporting independent businesses or switching to green energy. Better Food has pioneered the ethical food movement in Bristol, and is well-loved across the city. By working together, we hope to encourage more people to choose local, independent businesses for both their food and their energy supply. Let’s help keep our money in Bristol communities”.

What’s more, when you switch to Bristol Energy and quote Better Food you’ll get up to £30 worth of Better Food vouchers!


And read our blog here to find out how together we can all be a force for social good.


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Bristol Energy and Better Food, soaking up some solar energy at Wapping Wharf.