Streets to Kitchen: Graduation!

Having completed 12 weeks of hands-on cookery classes, participants of the Streets to Kitchen course this term were celebrated at the St. Mungo’s Recovery College graduation ceremony!

Just turning up wasn’t enough for our students, though—they took it upon themselves to provide a feast for the occasion, rustling up three chocolate and orange marble cakes, three carrot cakes, and vats of coleslaw and hot & sour quinoa salad for everyone to enjoy.

Feedback from the course was overwhelmingly positive, giving course leaders Square Food Foundation plenty of motivation to develop the course next term. We were particularly moved by one participant’s assessment of the course, transcribed here:

“My experience at the class has been exemplary, it has benefited me in ways I would not have imagined, self-improvement, team-work, happiness and achievement. I am so very grateful to both Carolines the facilitators of the group and to all St. Mungo’s staff for being so welcoming and hospitable with such great sense of humour!”

We can hardly wait for next term to kick off…!