5 natural hay fever remedies, so you can still enjoy the summer

5 natural hay fever remedies, so you can still enjoy the summer

Summer isn’t rosy for all of us. About 1 in 6 of us suffer from hay fever in the UK. It often develops during adolescence, and leaves us with puffy eyes, sneezy noses and itchy rashes – not much fun on a sunny day.

Hay fever often occurs alongside two other health conditions, eczema and asthma, in what doctors term the ‘atopic triad’. Atopy, the name for this type of allergic tendency, can also run in families.

As with all allergies, the immune system attacks the substance it sees as harmful – in this case pollen from grass, trees or flowers. This leaves you with inflammation, headaches, drowsiness – the list goes on…

That’s why we’ve created our guide to 5 natural hay fever remedies that could ease your symptoms through the season. Sometimes it helps to look to nature first to help us with our well-being. Alongside treatments such as antihistamines, there’s a wealth of organic, local and ethically-made options that could not only help to ease your hay fever problems, you’ll be supporting your local supplier network, too.

Use homeopathic remedies that may help relieve symptoms

Our A. Vogel Polllinosan is one to try if you’re suffering from hay fever. Made from seven tropical herbs, the formula can help to ease effects of hay fever throughout the season. The remedy can also be helpful in the treatment of animal allergies. It’s also non-drowsy, so it can be used throughout the day. You can find Pollinosan in our shops.

Support local honey suppliers

Not only are you supporting your local economy, honey sourced locally to hay fever sufferers has often been cited as helpful in aiding against its effects. A dosage of one tablespoon of honey a day before the pollen season begins may build your body’s tolerance and keep away those stuffy noses and watery eyes. We offer a lovely range of locally-produced honey in store.

Add some spice

One of the most persistent symptoms of hay fever is that stuffy nose. Turmeric contains curcumin, an antioxidant with many benefits including powerful inflammatory effects. This makes it a useful remedy in any hay fever sufferers’ itinerary. We have Pukka’s Wholistic Turmeric supplements available, or you can also pick up turmeric fresh from our produce areas (please note: it is recommended that you take 50mg or more for the curcumin to be effective).

Essential Oils

Use a diffuser or apply topically – but please do follow the instructions on the bottle first to avoid any risk of an allergic reaction. Both peppermint and eucalyptus oil may help to give you an easier time during the hay fever season. We stock Amour Natural’s essential oils. And if you’re unsure on what products to choose, ask a member of staff for further guidance.

An orange a day…

Vitamin C is effective in helping your body fight colds and flu, and Vitamin C may also be effective in reducing hay fever symptoms. You can find Vitamin C in the form of our delicious citrus fruits, or find our supplements in our health and bodycare section.

If you’d like further information or recommendations on ways to relieve your hay fever symptoms, our dedicated and passionate health and bodycare team are on-hand to help in store.


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