Phil’s Better Bangers!

We’re launching our own gourmet organic sausages!

We’ve been busy cooking up sausage recipes with our organic meat provider, the award-winning Well Hung Meat Company. The resulting “Old English” bangers have been created from outdoor reared organic pork from a well-loved, childhood recipe. Our Better Bangers’ launch marks the start of Organic September, when The Well Hung Meat Company will also launch its full range of fresh organic meat onto our shelves.

The story of the secret sausage recipe. When young Phil Haughton, a lad of 7 or 8 was growing up in North Yorkshire, the local fat-bellied publican in the village, Frank Amis, kept pigs out the back of his pub, fed mostly on swill. This tradition of feeding pigs has sadly been lost because policies following BSE no longer allow it. Anyway, Frank made amazing sausages from these pigs that he sold to his beer-swilling customers. Young Phil and his family loved these sausages and ate them many a Sunday breakfast. One day Phil’s Dad decided to convince fat-bellied Frank to give him the his secret recipe. This feat very probably involved more than a few drinks!

Years later Phil’s family moved to Scotland and kept their own pigs on an organic small holding. With his Dad’s help Phil turned his hand to recreating his favourite childhood sausages to Frank’s recipe and has been making them ever since… Not enough to delight his own family, Phil decided to ask Well Hung Meat to make this sausage for Better Food, under strict instructions to keep the recipe under wraps! (Some things have to remain secret J) . And so Better Bangers were born!  

Who makes our sausages and why?

The Well Hung Meat Company is a lovely Devon based company specialising in locally-reared, dry-aged meat. They’ve developed a widespread reputation for producing top quality meat with provenance and ethics that match Better Foods. Because of this we proudly offer their products. As well as taste and quality, they have a passion for its people, planet and excellence. These fit well with our own desire at Better Food to build a better, fairer food community and give more people access to organic food.

Thomas Bourne, from The Well Hung Meat Company explains. “We believe our work with Better Food illustrates that it is possible for food to be fair. We work with a small group of local farmers that we know, trust and pay a fair price to. And we have a team of traditionally-trained artisan butchers and that’s really all there is to it. By having a short and trusted supply chain, we can ensure total integrity.” Phil Haughton, whose child-hood sausage recipe it is, says: “the approach of the team at Well Hung Meat is very refreshing. Not only do they consistently offer a high quality product, they are also a brand with integrity based around deep rooted ethics and values.” “Old English better bangers will be available in store from 7th September at £4.85 per pack. Watch this space for in-store free tasting opportunities!

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