Refill Resolutions

Refill Resolutions

We love that the refill revolution is growing in popularity and so many of you are joining us on this journey, thank you!  As our refill range grows, the refill methods might seem a little unusual the first few times you come across them, which is why we’ve got our little guide to refilling like a pro.


Bring a container, it’s a no-brainer…
A lot of us are now remembering to bring reusable shopping bags; we can do the same for reusable containers.  The idea is to reuse the things we’ve already got, as even single use recyclable items have an environmental cost.  If you’re caught short, we have a variety of containers for sale, or if you’re reaaaally stuck, then we can help out with a paper bag or plastic pot.

So… how do the scales work?
The joy of precision buying means you only pay for what you need.  The scales will provide you with a weight label to take to the till for payment, just follow the on-screen instructions, bearing in mind The Golden Rule – which leads us neatly to…

Be aware, it’s good to tare!
Avoid paying for the weight of your container!  Place your empty container, without the lid, on the scales and select a label for ‘empty container’.  Fill your container and scan your label’s barcode with the scanner to tare the scales (you’ll see your container’s weight deducted on-screen).  Place your filled container without the lid on the scales and press the buttons for your chosen product.

What’s that milk machine thingy?
Our refill gizmos need not be complicated!  The glass bottle you buy is yours to keep and refill over again.  We do not run a bottle deposit scheme, so hang on to your bottle and lid, sterilise it, and refill using the machine.  Top tip for the milk machine is to press the button only once, so you get exactly 750ml and we can charge you correctly.

Whole spice is twice as nice
Whilst ground spices certainly aid convenience, you’ll get so much flavour from using the whole spices found in our refill section.  Gently dry fry seeds and grind them up just before cooking – depending on what you have in the kitchen, you could use either a spice grinder, pestle and mortar, or a rolling pin.  You may want to stop short of cracking out the toolbox…

Naughty nibblers
However delicious your refill confectionary/nuts/dried or fresh fruit items look, please resist the temptation to snack.

Mmmm frozen berries…
A word of warning – frozen berries and paper bags are not friends.  You’ll regret thinking it was a good idea.

And finally, if you’re unsure…
Ask for help!  One of our members of staff will be happy to help you out.