Streets to Kitchen July update

July brought this 12 week term to an end and saw the highest class attendance to date (though squeezing seven people into the kitchen plus the course leader proved a bit of a tight fit!). Regulars to the class have really begun to develop confidence in the kitchen, with two clients reporting that they’ve tried recipes from the class in their own time at home.

The classes tackled new skills including stir frying and steaming puddings, turning out classics such as fish pie and flapjacks.

Comments from the attendants show that having the time to work together is as valuable as the skills themselves, and that they’re confidence is beginning to shine through:

“I like the way we do things together, even clearing up! It’s like a little family and that means a lot to me.”

“I’ve bought a whole new range of spices.”

“I made an amazing minestrone this week!”

“Those flapjacks were life-changing!”

The class takes a well earned break for summer now, ready to return – hopefully with some new faces – in September. Meanwhile, some regular attendees are ready to move on to volunteering in the kitchen during the week, cooking meals for staff and clients two or three times a week.