Tips to make the most out of Veganuary

Going plant-based this January? Here are some hints and tips to help you get the most out of the month, and keep you on track!


Keep cooking simple and organised

Switching out your meat and dairy for plants doesn’t mean you have to spend hours cooking! In fact, plant-based cooking often saves you time. Check out our Instagram for inspiration.






Look at veganising your favourite dishes

Rather than overwhelming yourself with a whole new set of recipes, think about how you swap out ingredients in your go to meals to make them. Vegan- chilli con carne is an excellent example here, from extra beans, lentils, soya mince, walnuts, tempeh and quinoa, you’d be working with the same recipe, just changing up the protein instead.



Keep well-stocked

Always do a stocktake of your non-perishable vegan store cupboard items, as this will help you on those busier days. Tins of pulses will provide the meaty element of a meal. Then there’s grains for bulk, as well as flavour enhancing products such as sauces, spices, nutritional yeast and pastes. Plus, don’t forget your extra sources of protein, such as silken tofu, peanut butter and seeds.



Plan ahead

Batch cooking is a dream for busy days. Instead of making a meal for one or two, create a whole pot of stew, bolognese or soup and store the rest in the fridge  freezer. Remember that pies and tarts make an excellent centrepiece, with simple salads and sides you can add to your plate.




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