We’re Here For You – an update on the current situation…

We’re Here For You – an update on the current situation…

In 1992 we opened a business to serve our local community and help people access the best food around. Nearly 30 years later, this hasn’t changed, and we wanted to reassure you that we’re doing everything we can to be here for you and our local community at this challenging time.

Many of you know our staff personally and we’d like to thank all of our team. They have been working tirelessly to keep our shelves full and help every customer, despite increased pressure and workload. They are the heart of our business. The wellbeing of our staff is of the upmost priority to us and we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to support and look after them.

We’d also like to thank our customers and local community for continuing to do the right thing. Ensuring that by being responsible and respectful, enough essentials are available for all of our community, especially those who are vulnerable.

We continue to operate our shops as normal. As always, you’ll find the cafe has wide range of delicious, nutritious goods ready to take away.

We can’t forecast everything that will happen in the future, but we can promise to keep you updated and continue to work as hard as we can to support our customers, community and each other as we face this challenge.

Take care,
All of the team at Better Food