Meat, Fish & Poultry

We’re proud of the quality and diversity of our meat, fish and poultry offering. We source as locally as possible and regularly visit our producers at least once a year to ensure they meet our quality control and food safety expectations. We believe in healthy and humane conditions for livestock which preserves wildlife and natural habitats.  We prioritise organic, but if a product is non-organic, we’ll require assurance on the animal welfare standards, animal feed and the provision of truly free-range habitats.  Where fish are concerned, we source from small UK fisheries or sustainable fish farms with high welfare standards. We avoid intensively farmed, trawled and netted fish, choosing instead to source sustainable and traditionally caught fish, which limits environmental impact.


Organic fruit and vegetables are our greatest store champion. We aim to offer the best organic fresh produce available, tackling industry food waste by offering class 2 produce (in other words ‘wonky veg’) and giving items past their prime to the café, who then use it to make delicious and nutritious dishes in the kitchen.  Local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) The Community Farm supplies over 75% of our produce – working with local growers from the surrounding areas.

Health & Bodycare

Whether for supplements, toiletries or gifts, we prefer to stock items that are certified natural or organic.  This will mean a product is more likely to be accepted if it avoids harmful chemicals – including preservatives – and is not tested on animals.  We’re keen to support local artists and makers, particularly if their work has limited environmental impact and they are conscientious of fair trade and ethically sourced materials and processes.

Environmental Impact

We look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.  To do this, we avoid buying air freighted stock; where possible, unite producers to share deliveries, reducing emissions; and source products as locally as possible.  We prefer supplier packaging to be recyclable, as we sort delivery packaging ourselves and pay for it to be recycled.

Better Food Kitchens

We want to serve the best nutritious and locally sourced food.  Our talented kitchen teams, lead by Executive Chef Lou Marchionne, create quality meals for a diverse range of customer dietary requirements. Since we make many products in-house, we have a limited range of carefully selected items that are sourced externally.

Internal Sourcing

To reflect the high standards that we expect of others, we include internal purchasing in our policy.  We do all we can to source utilities from sustainable sources as well as the items we use day to day; this includes cleaning products, stationery and even finance – where we choose to bank with Triodos Bank, a leader in sustainable and ethical banking.  Office waste is recycled or given to Children’s Scrapstore.


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