Sustainability and sourcing


Meat, Fish & Poultry

Due to its high welfare and environmental standards, we will always prioritise organic certified meat and poultry wherever possible, and have long-standing relationships with some of the region’s best organic farms. If a product is non-organic, we require assurance on the animal welfare standards, animal feed and the provision of truly free-range habitats. Our fish is sourced from small UK fisheries or sustainable fish farms with high welfare standards.

Find out what organic means here.

Organic fruit and veg


Organic fruit and vegetables are the star of the show at Better Food. We aim to offer the best organic fresh produce available, favouring seasonal and local whenever possible, and imported produce is always shipped, never flown. We tackle industry food waste by prioritising class 2 produce (affectionately known as ‘wonky veg’), and we use surplus fruit and veg from our shops in our cafés. Over 75% of our produce is supplied by the The Community Farm. They are a social enterprise, welcoming children, adults and vulnerable people on to their land to reconnect with food and nature, and they also work with organic growers in the local area to help them find a sustainable route to market.

Health, Bodycare and Gifts

Whether it’s for supplements, toiletries or gifts, we prefer to stock items that are certified organic, and many are vegan friendly and fairly traded too. We support local artists and makers, with a particular focus on those who use ethically sourced materials and production methods. We have a wide selection of these products at our St Werbughs branch, and a selection of our best selling products at each of our other stores.

Environmental Impact

We continually review our practices to reduce our impact on the environment. We avoid buying air freighted stock, prioritise products with packaging that is reusable, recyclable and plastic-free, and we sort delivery packaging ourselves and pay for it to be recycled. We have delivery bikes for local collections, and use upcycled materials in our stores and cafés wherever possible.

Better Food Vegan Brunch

Better Food Cafés

We serve nutritious and locally sourced food – it’s so good that we’ve been awarded 4 Star status from Soil Association’s Organic Served Here Award. Our kitchen teams create quality meals to suit a diverse range of customer dietary requirements. We make nearly all our café products in-house, including delicious salads, pickles, pastries and cakes, including gluten-free and vegan options.

Internal Sourcing

We include internal purchasing in our policy to reflect the high standards that we expect of others. This means utilities are sourced from sustainable sources as well as the items we use day to day, such as cleaning products. Better Food banks with Triodos Bank, a leader in sustainable and ethical banking. Office waste is recycled or given to Children’s Scrapstore, and our staff are invited to take surplus produce home with them, helping to minimise food waste.