Flexitarian Bristol is a passionate group of volunteers working to promote eating less but better meat, inform people about the positive impacts of meat reduction and campaign for action and policy at a local level that supports this dietary shift, in line with the ever-growing evidence that reducing our consumption of meat – especially intensively farmed livestock – can significantly and positively benefit the health of people and planet.

We do this through three main channels: the Flexitarian Restaurant Award helps eateries to promote and develop menus rich in plant-based foods and higher welfare animal products, and helps diners to make better choices when eating out; by engaging local government and stakeholders to support meat reduction in public and private procurement; and by taking every opportunity to talk about flexitarian diets through engaging workshops and information points at public events, conferences, schools and workplaces across Bristol and the South West.

Better Community

Better Food is thrilled to be amongst the first in Bristol to receive a Gold Flexitarian Restaurant Award for all our cafés, recognising our commitment to serve a wide range of plant-based dishes and use only animal products from high welfare producers.