Our mission

Our mission

We are campaigners, as well as retailers of local, organic, ethical and fair trade products. Our aims and objectives are outlined in the Better Food ‘Compass’

Our mission is to build a better, fairer food community.

To do this, we will be the best independent retailer at making organic and local food accessible to all, whilst respecting and celebrating all in the food chain.

Our Customer Promise

1. The best offer of fresh, all organic produce available.
2. The largest range of organic and local food in the UK
3. Fair prices to all in the food community
4. Convenience of our daily needs under one roof.
5. A friendly and caring shopping experience

Our Values

Trust and honesty in our dealings, messages and promises to customers
Healthy in mind & body, in our way with each other, our offer and our planet
Independent and proudly so, unconventionally challenging the status quo
Respectful of our suppliers, customers, local community and staff
Service of all and striving to be better and to go the extra mile for customers
Trading fairly because we are all interconnected and the world needs it

A ‘THIRST’ for a better world

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