GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are plants or animals that have been modified through genetic engineering. Their use in food is controversial for many reasons, including the unknown long term impacts on human health, their impact on ecosystems, and their role in industrial supply chains that favour big corporations. In the UK, any food containing GM ingredients must be labelled by law, however food from animals fed a GM diet does not have to be labelled. Organic certification bans the use of GM ingredients, including in animal feed, which is one of the many reasons we prioritise organic.


In our sourcing and cafés

We do not stock any products that contain GM ingredients.

We overwhelmingly favour animal products from organic supply chains, minimising the risk of GM in animal feed. However, we cannot guarantee that animal derived products that aren’t organic certified or wild have not been fed on GM feed.

Where we want to be

We’re confident that the vast majority of our products are from supply chains that are entirely free of GMOs. We’re working on minimising animal products that may have been fed on GM feed.

How are we keeping an eye on this policy and putting it into practice?

We ask all new suppliers to tell us whether their products contain any GM ingredients, or products from animals that may have been fed on GM feed. Our buying team prioritise organic products, meaning there is no risk of GM ingredients the product or supply chain.