Christmas Food to Order

Christmas Food to Order

Delicious, wholesome organic ingredients to build your perfect Christmas spread, right here. Our family of suppliers have brought together the finest local, ethical and organic ingredients to make your Christmas food extra special.

What Christmas food can I buy on your order form?

You can buy organic turkeys, organic turkey crowns and organic chicken, raised locally and to the highest organic standards as set out by the Soil Association. This ensures a good life for the bird, where they can roam and graze on a range of foods. The resulting meat is fresh and full of flavour, creating the highest quality centrepieces for your organic christmas dinner.

Find delectable beef, pork, smoked fish and more in this year’s order form. We source our ingredients as locally as possible to ensure the best flavours from a family of suppliers we’ve been working with for years. This culminates in a menu of Christmas food that you can trust, from farmers who follow sustainable methods.

For a vegan Christmas dinner, try our new nut roast. This umami and citrus sensation is based on a recipe our founder Phil Haughton’s been making for his family for years.

Explore our beautiful selection of Christmas food and order Christmas dinner with Better Food this year. From our family to yours.


What our customers say:

“Flexibility, and the chicken was delicious!”
“Delicious tender chicken”
“Easy to order online and easy to collect”


When can I order Christmas food in Better Food?

Our order form is open from the 27th of October until the 14th of December, and you can change your order right up until the last day.

Are organic turkeys better than non-organic?

Our organic poultry adheres to strict Soil Association standards. This includes being raised over a longer period of time, in small flocks, having a large enough space to roam and forage on a variety of foods – all of which provides the flocks with a high quality of life. Our organic turkeys are sourced locally from Devon.

What do organic turkeys and chickens eat?

Organic poultry is given space to behave naturally, including foraging a wide range of plants, insects and grains. This produces high-quality meat that has a complex flavour profile.

Where can I find vegan Christmas food?

You can find our organic vegan Christmas nut roast on our order form, and a large range of vegan Christmas ingredients in your local Better Food. Discover vegan mince pies, Christmas puddings, chocolate, cream, cheese, beers, wines, and so much more, all under one roof.

What can I do with turkey giblets?

Turkey giblets (edible organs) are very nutritious and can be used in a variety of different recipes. If you can’t use the giblets straight away, make sure to freeze them for a later date. Here is our guide to preparing giblets.