Special Diets

As a specialist health food store with a focus on organic, local and ethical goods we cater for a wide range of dietary requirements. Our teams all share in our passion for food and are on hand for advice regarding special diets, should you need it.

As the benefits of organic become more widely recognised, we’re lucky to have more dietary-specific organic lines to choose from than ever before. Our products are under continual review and we’re always on the lookout for innovative products to bring to Bristol. Working with over 100 suppliers means we have one of the widest ranges of dietary specific food and drink in the region.



Gluten Free

We’re always looking to increase our gluten-free range and are introducing new products all the time, so please ask if there’s something you can’t find. Take a look at our Gluten Free Shopping Guide, for an overview of what’s on offer in store.




Wheat Free

A wheat free diet may be followed to manage an allergic reaction to the wheat itself. Allergies to wheat may cause skin rashes and congestion amongst other symptoms. You can be on a wheat free diet and not need to be on a gluten free diet. WF lines contain no wheat, spelt or kamut.




Dairy Free

Our range of dairy free products is ever increasing, with most of these in our range of chilled products. Dairy alternatives can range from soya to coconut, rice to hazelnut, all with their own unique flavour. We have over 50 milk substitutes.





Goodbye meat and fish. Farewell milk and eggs. Hello to the ever-increasing number of products available for a vegan diet. As well as a huge range of naturally vegan foods, we have a growing range of specially vegan products and alternatives hitting the shelves. It’s never been easier to try out a plant-based diet.




Anyone following a vegetarian diet, or just wanting to reduce their consumption of meat and fish, will be spoilt for choice at any of our stores. Our vegetarian lines contain no meat, fish, poultry, game, shellfish or any other products that involved the killing of animals for human consumption.




Organic dietary symbol


Organic is what we live and breath at Better Food. Our organic lines are continually expanding and our cafés were the first eatery in England to be awarded Organic Served Here status. Nearly all of our fresh produce is certified organic and we are proud to stock organic meat, cheese, milk, bread and other essentials, as well as products that are hard to find with organic certification elsewhere.

If you’re not sure where to start your organic journey, take a look at our guide to organic shopping at Better Food – the first to saving the world through what you eat!



Other diets

There are a diversity of dietary needs out there, so we like to ensure we have a diversity of products to suit those needs. Whether you are Paleo, pescatarian, raw, sugar-free or FODMAP, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. If you know of a local, organic and ethical brand that you think we should stock, then we are all ears!

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