Catering for Vegan Diets

We have a growing range of vegan food and drink

Raw food RosieBetter Food is creating a fairer food system for all. We do this by championing farmers, local producers and small-scale businesses; and paying them a fair price. A fairer food system also requires that all can participate in eating better food. So for us this means ensuring we cater for all diets. As such, we stock a large range of free-from products, many of which you won’t find in the supermarket because they are made in small batches by producers that quite rightly demand a fair price for their hard work and strong ethics.

What vegan products can you expect to find in store?

Among our tasty treats and staples you will find coconut yogurt, cashew cheese from Raw Food Rosie, Radeks raw chocolate, Booja Booja, bread from Hobb’s House, vegan wine and beer. All of our fruit and veg is organic and most is supplied from The Community Farm in Chew Magna. Our main wholesalers, Suma and Essentials, are fully vegetarian business, and they clearly label their vegan products

You can browse some of our most popular vegan (and non-vegan) brands on our suppliers page, though you’ll find many more brands in-store. If there is something in particular you are looking for, just ask a member of staff and they’ll be happy to help.

Our cafés remain a little known secret among Bristol’s burgeoning vegan movement. But did you know that most of our salads are vegan? Or that we normally have several vegan cake options, which change from week-to-week? We credit our talented chefs for continually inventing tasty, seasonal food that is vegan friendly. What’s more, our cafés use items from our stores, meaning that whether its a hemp milk latte, or a coconut cappuccino that you prefer, we have the plant- or nut-milk to suit your taste.

Vegan beetroot cake

Finding cruelty-free cosmetics often proves problematic for vegans as their is no law that requires the industry to label them as such. Our health and beauty team scrutinise all our suppliers and are very knowledgeable on what is and isn’t vegan-friendly. If the logo isn’t clearly visible then ask a member of staff and they’ll be able to show you what products are 100% safe to use.

Join the vegan movement

Veganism has seen a surge in popularity in recent times. Just take a walk through Stokes Croft or head to a street food market in St Nicks and its clear to see the influence of the vegan movement on Bristol’s food scene. Better Food is proud to stock a large selection of products suitable for an cruelty-free diet. Our food store, Health and Beauty aisle and even our café is fully equipped to cater for all lifestyles. As such, we like to think we too are doing are bit for the movement and welcome anyone that wishes to join us.

We always appreciate your feedback so if you have any comments on the products we stock or would like to recommend items not available in store, then get in touch.


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