Low waste cottage cheese

Low waste cottage cheese

How do you save milk on the turn? You turn it into this delicious, nutritious cottage cheese!

We’re all about low waste and zero waste recipes here at Better Food, and this one tops the lot. Imagine the amount of milk we could save from the sink if we made cottage cheese! A perfect excuse to get out the crackers.

Low waste cottage cheese

Serves: 4


1 litre of milk on the turn
3/4 tbsp vinegar
1/3 tbsp salt
Small amount of cream or fresh whole milk


Into a saucepan, add your soured milk. Turn the heat to a medium and using a sugar or jam thermometer, test the temperature. Heat the milk to 87C, stirring the milk to make sure it doesn’t catch. Take it off the heat once it starts to steam, but before it boils.

Add the vinegar and stir until the curds and whey separate.

Pour the milk through a colander lined with a cheesecloth or muslin cloth.

Rinse the curds and squeeze the water out through the cheesecloth.

Add the curds to a bowl and crumble to the size you like with your fingertips.

Finish by adding salt and the cream or fresh milk.

Store in an air tight container in the fridge and use within a week.

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