Cheers to local Bristol drinks this Christmas!

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to local Bristol drinks from beers, cider, gin and more! Whether you’re on the hunt for a new tipple or looking for a delicious gift for a friend, be sure to check out our favourite local Bristol drinks.

Bottle of 6 O'Clock spices orange and cranberry gin

Festive and fruity gin

Discover the new 6 O’Clock Spiced Orange & Cranberry Gin in our stores this Christmas. Crafted using fresh orange peel and tart cranberries, this gin boasts vibrant citrus and comforting spice, perfect for those cold winter nights! Proudly crafted in Bristol and family-owned, this gin truly celebrates the spirit of the season.

Save £5 and get 70cl for £36.99 until 02/01/24.


Pint can of Arbor Panettone Christmas beerBountiful Bristol beers

Nothing says Christmas like a panettone, and Arbor’s Panettone brews this rich, fruity flavour profile into one fine beer. A delicious pale ale brewed with raisins, lemon and clementine zest, with a touch of vanilla. Get these on our mix and match deal of 2 for £7 on Arbor cans.

Wiper and True have mixed things up this year with two tasty new stouts. The Peanut Butter Cup Stout is superbly smooth and nutty, and definitely moreish. The Gingerbread Stout is warming, velvety-smooth and full of festive flavours. Cans are priced from £3.99-£4.29.


Hill & Vale mulled wine spicesMulled spice magic

Hill & Vale is a mission-driven spice company working directly with farmer co-operatives around the world to create transparent and equitable supply chains. All their spices are processed in small batches in Bristol to limit the amount of flavour lost during the grinding and blending process.

The Mulled Wine blend combines a base of cinnamon and orange peel along with allspice, star anise and clove to cut through and complement the rich flavour of red wine. There’s also some nutmeg and bay to add depth of flavour along with black pepper for bit of warmth.

The Mulled Cider blend also has a base of cinnamon and orange peel, but is combined with juniper to complement the sweet apple flavours of cider. For extra flavour and festive warmth, there’s some rosemary, nutmeg, ginger and black pepper.

These are £4.49 per tin which contains 3x10g sachets. Each sachet makes 1-1.5 litres.

Bottle of cider from St Pauls CideryBristol’s finest mulled cider companion

The perfect match for your mulled cider spices is St Paul’s Cidery. Bristolian by birth and independent by choice, they produce scrumptious ciders made with organic apple juice and lots of love and care.

Choose from the Pagan 5%, Lucifer Dry 6.66% or Sacrifice 8%, 2 for £5 or £2.79 each

Ice ice cider

Bottle of ice cider from Burrow Hill Somerset Brandy

Christmas is the time that many invest in a sweet treat for the dinner table. Dessert wines might be the go-to, but did you know that just down the M5, the team at Burrow

 Hill Cider are doing incredible things with apples? Take the plunge and give this innovative cider a try, you’ll never turn back.

Ice Cider 50cl, Burrow Hill Cider, 11.5%, £21.99 (St Werburghs only).



Can of alcohol free beer from Wiper and True called TomorrowAlcohol-free local beer delights

If you’re looking to keep a clear head this Christmas, check out our wide range of local and alcohol-free beers in store. A few of our favourites are Bristol Beer Factory’s Clear Head, Wiper and True’s Tomorrow and Arbor’s Wish You Were Beer.

Cans are priced between £2.99-£3.49.

Tempted? Pop in to your local Better Food and stock up on all these wonderful local delights ready for the festivities ahead!

Prices correct as of 16/11/23