Chilli chickpeas

Chilli chickpeas

Chickpeas are packed full of protein. Try these easy snacking chickpeas – perfect both for on-the-go and for putting your feet up in front of the TV.


Serves: 4- 6 people          Time: Around 30 minutes (once chickpeas cooked)          Level: Easy


  1. A can of chickpeas or 400g of dried chickpeas, soaked and pre-cooked
  2. 1 Tbsp of cayenne
  3. 1 Tbsp of black pepper
  4. 1/2-1 Tbsp of Himalaya salt
  5. 1 Tbsp of coconut oil



Pre-heat the oven to 180c.

Heat a Tbsp of coconut oil in the oven while preparing the chickpeas.

Put the chickpeas into a bowl and sprinkle over the seasonings. Coat well.

Tip the contents of the bowl onto the hot, oiled oven tray. Pop the tray in the oven and cook until the chickpeas are golden brown or have a dry-crispy texture. This should take 20-30 minutes but check every 5-10 minutes as they burn easily.


*Melanie R. Gonzalez is the creative force behind Cookyourlife. She makes original recipes that taste great, look beautiful and have incredible health benefits. She cooks all around the world, leading workshops, working as a yoga retreat chef, and is currently writing her first book and sharing her passion as a food stylist & blogger.

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